Greek Salad Sandwich

Greek Salad Sandwich.  They had me at “Greek Salad”…but “Sandwich” just makes it better.  I think any kind of food that begins with the word “Greek” is just awesome.  Here’s a link to… Continue reading


It’s not so much that I love this chair…I love what it says…”Create”.  So many times we are afraid to create that which is inside us because we’re afraid of what others might… Continue reading

Island Paradise

Is this absolutely fabulous, or what.  This is a resort in Tahiti.  The water is so clear.  It might be kind of cool to fish off the balcony.  I think with a view… Continue reading

This Could Be My House

I guess it’s glaringly obvious by now that I love pink.  It was my favorite color in the Crayon box when I was 4 years old, and it still is nearly 50 years… Continue reading

Superman, Baby!

We all have a Superman inside of us.  Some of us have to dig deep to find him, but he’s definitely in there.  We can achieve great things when we need to.  When… Continue reading

Cute Patio

Now this is very cool…as long as a bear or something doesn’t come out of those woods to join the party…or is it just me being paranoid?  Yep…it’s me.  This patio is so… Continue reading

Kiss Pies

I’m in little Kiss Pie Heaven.  Oh my gosh!  There went my diet.  Here’s the recipe  link.  I totally wasn’t expecting the mint-filled Hershey’s kisses.  I’m going to make some of these little… Continue reading

I’m Batman

Aren’t these Batman nails the most awesome ever!  My son is a huge Batman fan, so I posted this picture on his Facebook page.  Somebody was thinking very creatively here.  I love it!… Continue reading

Help! I’m Trapped in Your Phone!

Oh my gosh!  This is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  I can’t even look at this nutty picture without cracking up all over again.  I am definitely doing this today.  I’m… Continue reading

Pretty, Pretty Scarves

I saw these scarves on Pinterest and thought they were BEAUTIFUL.  I do love items that I can get in more than one color…not that I do, but I love that option. These… Continue reading