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This Could Be My House

I guess it’s glaringly obvious by now that I love pink.  It was my favorite color in the Crayon box when I was 4 years old, and it still is nearly 50 years… Continue reading

Cute Patio

Now this is very cool…as long as a bear or something doesn’t come out of those woods to join the party…or is it just me being paranoid?  Yep…it’s me.  This patio is so… Continue reading

A Cute Little House

This is the cutest little house.  If this were my house it would contain a little desk for my computer, a couch, a HUGE t.v. on the wall, chocolate, a great bottle of wine,… Continue reading

Bedroom With a View

This room is completely awesome and has a stunning view.  I’m not sure what I like most – the shiny hardwood floors or the draped bed.  The view is the best feature for… Continue reading