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Superman, Baby!

We all have a Superman inside of us.  Some of us have to dig deep to find him, but he’s definitely in there.  We can achieve great things when we need to.  When… Continue reading

Pretty, Pretty Scarves

I saw these scarves on Pinterest and thought they were BEAUTIFUL.  I do love items that I can get in more than one color…not that I do, but I love that option. These… Continue reading

Pretty Pink and Navy Fashion

I love this picture.  I’m not really sure why because I’m not too crazy about the shoes, and navy blue is not one of my favorite colors.  The photography is great, and I… Continue reading

Pink and Glittery Shoes

What could possibly be better than pink and glittery and shoes.  I know, right?  These shoes are totally awesome!  They make me feel good just to look at them.  These are better than the ruby red… Continue reading